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The Naturalist Of Chios

Mike Taylor, Liverpool Museum

Commencing in 1992 I have been visiting Chios for holidays, the time on Chios since my retirement in early 1995 averaging nearly six months each year. My interests in all aspects of natural history, including a major invertebrate biodiversity study with the help of the Liverpool Museum and by colleagues from other U.K. institutions has given me a broad insight into Chios natural history. I have also undertaken much field investigation with local naturalists, from whom I have also received much help.
Chios is virtually unknown by Western Europeans interested in natural history. This is particularly the case in the U.K. which does not have any direct holiday charter flights operating to Chios.

I would like to thank Michaeli and Maria Voulamandis and their family, hosts to my wife and I on our first visit to Chios in 1992,
and for their continuing great help and friendship.

I would like to thank my colleagues in Liverpool Museum and in other institutions in the U.K. and overseas for their help in the invertebrate biodiversity study.

I would like to thank Iannis Choremi for much help and encouragement in my investigations into Chios natural history and for some of the information on Marine Life, Reptiles, Amphibians and Mammals for this booklet.